Plastic Recycling Associates

What is a Plastic Recycling Associate

If you are providing any service that contributes towards the recycling of plastics then we hope you will join us and become one of our plastic recycling associates.

A Green Ant Plastic Recycling Associate is an individual or company providing plastic recycling services that is willing to work with us to establish an interactive network of plastic recycling companies to offer localised plastic collection and recycling services to help Green Ant in facilitating plastic recycling.

These recycling services might include:-

  • Storage and collection
  • Baling / Compacting
  • Size Reduction (Shredding / Granulation / Agglomeration)
  • Compounding

Why do Green Ant need “Plastic Recycling Associates”

Green Ant Plastic Recycling are committed to promoting and facilitating the recycling of UK plastic waste and plastic raw materials. Where possible we want to have those plastics recycled, or at least part recycled in the UK as we find that many clients are becoming wary of “recycling companies” who export their plastic waste to the likes of China.

By working with plastic recycling associates round the UK we hope to provide an unrivalled collection, recycling and distribution service in the UK to industry for plastic waste and plastic raw materials.

The TESCO approach – “every little helps”

As anyone involved in plastic recycling will know, plastic waste is often 90% fresh air which makes transporting it long distances a no-no, both environmentally and financially. For this reason we often have to turn away enquiries from people with smaller amounts of plastic available for recycling, but this can mount up into significant amounts of often FREE plastic.

By working with smaller localised recycling companies we  hope to develop recycling points for companies with smaller volumes of plastic waste which will benefit both the company with the plastic waste and the plastic recycling associate.

Whilst we all know that processing small batches of material is less efficient than processing large batches because of time taken for clean down etc. we also know that most of the materials that come through the system are of a few main plastic types and therefore with the right quality checks CAN be put together with the same plastic types received from other suppliers to increase volumes, efficiency and profitability.

What Will Green Ant Do For You

At Green Ant the Directors and staff have years of experience in the plastic recycling industry and wealth of contacts and a customer base that extends across the UK, Europe and even further afield.

Through our knowledge of the plastic recycling industry and experience of business in general we have developed this website, and as a result we generate a large number of enquiries per day from across the UK. We will:-

Provide You With New Sources of Supply – as one of our “plastic recycling associates” we would pass  leads for plastics in your area .

Toll Processing Opportunities – as we develop our network we will have plastics from suppliers and other associates that will want recycling on our behalf, either for return to our clients or for onward sale to one of our other customers.

Sell Your Materials and Maximise Your Return – using our sales experience and contacts we would find new sales channels for your plastic materials, selecting the most profitable channel to maximise the return that you receive for your plastics.

Website Development and Search Engine Optimisation – as a plastic recycling associate we would want to see you have a strong internet presence to help develop the network. With our in-house website development team we can offer you a cost effective solution for the development of a new website or optimisation of your current website for search engine success.

Consultancy – we can also offer you a range of consultancy services to help you get the most out of your plastic recycling business including advice on:-

  • Improving prcessing efficiency
  • Optimising throughput
  • Quality control systems
  • Streamlining data recording and paperwork

What we ask from you – in general all we ask is that you are passionate about plastic recycling and want to be successful in your business. In specific we would ask you to:-

  • Tell us what different plastic types you recycle or want to recycle.
  • Handle enquiries passed to you in an efficient, profesional manner
  • Commit to producing a quality plastic recyclate
  • Offer us parcels of plastic that you have available from time to time

Contacting Green Ant Plastic Recycling

To find out more about becoming a Green Ant Plastic Recycling Associate and how it can benefit your business please call now on 01507 418111 or send us your details via our Contact Form.