Green Ant Plastic Recycling DO NOT run specific charity collections but if you are able to collect and handle commercial quantities of plastics for recycling and it stacks up financially to do so then we are more than happy to make payments to your charity for any plastics we collect. Handling will generally require the ability to palletise the plastics and load the pallets onto a lorry which usually requires the use of a fork lift truck.

We are a commercial organistion looking to make a profit but will pay the going market rate for the plastic in question. Please note that we need a minimum weight of around 3 tonnes (3000 kgs) before most collection become viable although this varies between plastic types.

If you would like further information please complete our material enquiry form or call us on 01507 418111.

Individual Households / Bottle Top Collections

It is very UNLIKELY that Green Ant Plastic Recycling will be able to take the plastics from your home that your local authority does not take. In general the reason why the local authority does not take these additional plastics is because the quantity and mix are not viable for economic recycling. As we are a commercial organisation looking to make a profit, small quantities of mixed household plastics are not viable for us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not send boxes or bags of your household plastics to us for recycling. We CANNOT process them and they WILL be sent to landfill as we have no alternative solution at this time.

Bottle Tops For Wheelchairs

Green Ant plastic Recycling DO NOT run a charity scheme for plastic bottle caps for wheelchairs.

It seems to be a bit of an Urban Myth that you can save bottle tops and cash them in towards a wheelchair. As far as we are aware there is no such scheme in existence.

We will buy bottle tops/caps but ideally they should be milk bottle tops only without any foil or paper inserts (mixed bottle caps have a lower value and the return will be negligble).

To make collections of Milk Bottle Tops viable we would need a minimum of 2-3 tonnes and for you to make a good return for your charity / wheelchair you would ideally need 3-5 tonnes and he ability to store and handle such quantities.

If we can still be of assistance please call us on 01507 418111 or send details via our material enquiry form.