CD Recycling and DVD Recycling

Green Ant Plastic Recycling offer a wide range of plastic recycling services across the UK, including CD’s , DVD’s and their cases. These can be end of life items, redundant stock or waste from the manufacturing process.

We can ensure secure destruction for your CD’s and DVD’s and recycling of the resultant plastics.

We buy CD’s and DVD’s for secure destruction and recycling of the plastic. We do not buy CD’s, DVD’s games etc for re-distribution. If you only have a small quantity from your home collection then we are unlikely to be able to help but there are other companies and charities who can.

As we are destroying the disks and recycling the plastic from your CD’s and DVD’s we can accept all disks including :-

  • CD singles or EP’s
  • Promotional CDs (ones given away free with newspapers or magazines)
  • Copies or fakes
  • Items without a barcode
  • Items marked ‘not for resale’
  • Items with missing artwork, cases or discs
  • Discs which are badly damaged

Collection Requirements

You do not need to pre-treat the CD’s and DVD’s by splitting them into disks, cases and inserts but it will improve any possible value we offer if you can do so.

Once split out of the cases the CD’s and DVD;s will stack quite easily or can be stored in boxes or FIBC’s and a good weight can be achieved per pallet. If necessary we can then collect individual pallets of the disks themselves but the cases are more bulky and so we require around 3 tonnes minimum to collect.

Again if the CD’s and DVD’s are still in their cases we need a minimum of around 3 tonnes to make collections viable without having to charge you.

UK Wide Collections

Using an extensive network of plastic recycling associates across the UK, we are able to offer UK wide collections of your CD’s and DVD’s

Environmental Commitment

Green Ant are committed to the environment and by using our  network of plastic recycling associates rather than one central plastic  recycling facility, we can minimise the environmental impact and carbon footprint of  transporting and recycling your CD’s and DVD’s for recycling.

Using CD Recycling facilities  that are as close to the collection point as possible and by optimising the volume  of plastics collected on each vehicle is not only more environmentally friendly but means we can often collect smaller volumes of plastics than other larger plastic recycling companies.

Contacting Green Ant Plastic Recycling

To find out more about how Green Ant can help you with your CD and DVD recycling requirements, please call on 01507 418111  or complete our material enquiry form.