Plastic Recycling – Plastics Green Ant Buy

Many plastic recyclers will only deal with a small range of  the hundreds of different plastic types that exist in the market today.  As a plastic recycling facilitator Green Ant Plastic Recycling do not have this  limitation.

There are certain plastic types which are more attractive to  us commercially for plastic recycling because they are more widely recycled but we will endeavour to  find a home for any plastics that you have available for sale or disposal.

We handle all plastics in all forms so whether you have  products in their original form (scrap), in a size reduced form such as shred or regrind (granulate) or pellet  (compound) form, we can help.

Post-Industrial vs  Post-Consumer

Green Ant handles waste plastics for recycling arising from both Post-Consumer  and Post Industrial waste streams but we do not currently buy plastics from individual houselholders.

Post-Industrial plastics might include plastic production  waste in the form of off-cuts, defective goods, off-spec products.

Post-Consumer plastics might include a range of plastic and  plastic packaging products including (but certainly not limited to) crates,  drums, bottles and bottle caps, yoghurt pots, coathangers, seed trays.

Using our network of Plastic Recycling Associates we  can often ensure that your plastics are recycled here in the UK using a variety of processes including sorting, baling, washing, drying, size reduction,  compounding etc. More information about plastic recycling processes.

Volume and Frequency

It is always our aim to develop reliable regular supplies of  plastic raw materials in full truck loads as this minimises the financial and  environmental cost of transportation. However by facilitating plastic recycling through our network of plastic  recycling associates we are able to handle smaller quantities than many  other plastic recyclers. We are also interested in one off (or in frequently  arising) plastics.


Green Ant always endeavour to supply a quality plastic raw  material to their customers and plastic recycling associates to ensure the  maximum rate of recycling and minimum level of waste.

Consistency – ideally the plastics should all be of the same type  and from the same process or source although we appreciate this may not always  be possible. Plastics of mixed consistency can still be recycled but the value  we can pay for them may be reduced.

Contamination – ideally plastics should be supplied free from  contamination from other plastic types and free from extraneous contamination  such as foams, metal wood etc. Again contaminated plastics can usually still be  recycled but their value will be greatly reduced.

How To Pack Your Waste

Packaging will depend on the form of the waste and should be  appropriate for that form. Essentially the plastics should be packed and  secured in such a manner as to reach their destination in good condition.

Common packaging:-

  • For Scrap –  metal cages (stillages), industrial skips, boxes, FIBC’s etc.
  • For Regrind  / Pellet – 25 kgs bags/sacks, FIBC’s, Octoboxes

It is our usual and our preferred option for plastics that we purchase to be packed  onto pallets for ease of loading / unloading using a fork lift truck. However  if supplying baled materials this may not be necessary. Please check our  requirements before shipment.

How Much Will We Pay

There is no single straightforward answer to this other than  that we will pay a fair market price, but what that fair market price will be  will depend on may factors such as:-

  • The type of material (ie. PE, PP,  PS, PA, PVC etc.)
  • The colour of the plastic (ie.  Clear/Natural; Single Colour; Jazz – Mixed Colour)
  • The physical properties (density,  melt flow – MFI, Impact Strength etc.)
  • The volume of material
  • Quality
  • Nearest suitable plastic recycling associate

The Alternative (Toll Processing)

The alternative to selling us your plastic raw materials is  to have them processed and returned to you as a valuable raw material to an  agreed specification that you can use again. Find out more about or toll processing service.

Contacting Green Ant Plastic Recycling

To find out more about how you can sell your waste plastics to Green Ant please call on 01507 418111 or complete the form at the top of the page.