Updated January 2013

Green Ant Plastic Recycling recognise that whilst its plastic recycling activities aim in themselves to have a positive environmental impact, that its day to day business activities and those of its Plastic Recycling Associates may have both positive and negative effects on the environment.

Green Ant is committed to the environment and to minimising the negative aspects of it business processes on it.

In due course we aim to demonstrate this commitment by establishing an Environmental Management System and to achieve accreditation to a suitable standard.

Green Ant Plastic Recycling will always:-

  • Comply with all relevant  environmental legislation and regulatory controls.
  • Manage the waste generated by the  business by identifying ways to Reduce, Re-use or Recycle.
  • Monitor its environmental  performance and set targets for areas of improvement.
  • Communicate this policy to customers,  suppliers and the general public.
  • Aim to maximise the potential for  plastic recycling in the UK  and minimise the environmental effects of the physical recycling process.
  • Ensure employees are aware of its  environmental commitment and are accountable for their actions through training  and communication.

This policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure that it  continues to be effective in demonstrating Green Ants’ environmental  commitment.


Green Ant Plastic Recycling buy and sell all different types of plastics and can facilitate the recycling of those plastics through our network of plastic recycling associates.

Contacting Green Ant Plastic Recycling

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